Benefits of Prenatal Massage

by Rosalee Journo, CMT

With all the things you have to avoid while carrying precious cargo, prenatal massage is the one luxury you should indulge in as often as you can. Happy Mommy = Happy Baby. Prenatal massage’s emotional and physical benefits go a long way toward that equation. With the many physical changes that occur during pregnancy, prenatal massage can help alleviate the associated discomfort. Especially if you’re working during your pregnancy, having a time to unwind and escape your worries and stress may be just the secret weapon you need.

Prenatal headaches are common. Increased breast size adds stress on the neck and shoulders, altering good blood flow to the head and brain. Bringing awareness to the region through manual manipulation and soft stretching reminds us to prevent further digression from healthy proper posture.

Belly growth also adds stress, specifically to the buttock muscles, which may trigger sciatica. Sciatica is a condition in which the large sciatic nerve that branches from the lower back through the muscles of the deep gluteal region and down the leg is being pinched at some point along that path. Symptoms are sharp, “electric like” sporadic pains in the behind that may occur during sleep and travel down the leg. Stretching the hip flexors and treating tight muscles in the lower back or hip alleviate the condition.

Many conditions affect pregnant women differently, so be sure to communicate your specific problem areas to your massage therapist for a customized massage that caters to your needs.

Rosalee Journo is a Certified Massage Therapist, specializing in aromatherapy, passive stretch, cupping, and deep tissue, Swedish and prenatal massage.