Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

Rounding out our wellness services is our fully equipped fitness center, where we provide instructor-led workout sessions, youth fitness classes, individual physical training, and more! Home to Ohana Weight Loss Challenge, Ohana Fitness Center serves as the hub of our community wellness programs.

Ohana Group Workouts

Training with certified instructors in a fully equipped fitness center and small classes offers you custom training sessions for the price of a group session. For only $89 a month, you’ll receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to the our scheduled workouts. Check out our Fall Workout Schedule below, then sign up for a FREE TRIAL to give us a try.


T.R.O.Y. Fitness Challenge

T.R.O.Y. Fitness Challenge is a 4-week youth fitness program by the Ohana Family Foundation in which kids not only pledge to adopt a healthy, active, and energized lifestyle but also are given the expert physical training, nutrition information, and motivational support to follow through. Stay tuned for the next T.R.O.Y. Fitness Challenge!


Ohana Weight Loss Challenge is an 8-week "Biggest Loser-style" program. However, rather than leaving you to fend for yourselves on your weight loss journeys, OWLC and our sponsors at Ohana Wellness center offer free fitness classes and group activities along the way. OWLC is a program of the Ohana Family Foundation. More information

OUR Personal Trainers

MICHAEL MCCLURE   Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Coach Mike has dedicated 10 years of service in the field of health and wellness. Having an array of certifications in NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), First Aid/CPR, USA Track & Field (L1), USA Weight Lifting (L1), massage therapy and rehabilitation, his passion is to help people heal their bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually, and uses his expertise to do just that. Coach Mike wears many hats here at Ohana, specializing in the areas of sports rehabilitation, personal training, group training, sports performance, strength and conditioning, and massage therapy.